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Welcome to Spire We're different here at Spire. We're not like all those regular accounting firms out there and we reckon we can prove it to you. We are not going to go on and on about how we can do your tax return, GST registration and all that stuff. After all, we are Accountants. If we didn't do that there'd something seriously wrong, and we'd be builders or farmers and be good at that instead. Where we excel is sitting alongside our clients, working together on business planning and future development so that we can achieve business growth and economic success together. We really care about our clients' businesses and ensure we do our very best for them. After all, it's in our best interest to see their businesses flourish - then we get more work too!
We're here to help Oh, and we don't work for the Tax Department! We have had so many people say to us that they feel that their previous accountant worked for the IRD, and that is just wrong! We believe you should pay the taxes you are required to pay by law but not a cent more than that. The IRD is actually fair, but you do need to make sure you do it right. This is where we can help. We don't wear business suits (except for special occasions), we talk in plain language that you can understand, not confusing 'accountingese', and we like nothing better than to share a good laugh with our clients. And we might shout you a cup of the best coffee in town!
We understand the challenges of business We have owned a number of small businesses ourselves and know what its like - how hard it can be sometimes, and how rewarding it is when you get it right. So contact us and discover for yourself how Spire Chartered Accountants are different.
Your Success is Our Business
Hub Mall - 94 Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri Northland, New Zealand Ph: 64 9 407 5252 Email: info@spireaccountants.co.nz
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